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Building History

120 Ottawa Ave NW (Pen Club Building)

The Pen Club was a private social club from 1881 - 2010. A place for social organization in the life of the growing city.

126 Ottawa Ave NW 

126 Ottawa Ave NW Photos

126 Ottawa
126 Ottawa circa 1912-1954
Preferred Insurance Company Circa 1955-2006
126 Ottawa circa 1955-2006
RDV Pg 22 - Top Righ Glass Facade in place before.bmp
126 Ottawa circa 2006
RDV Pg 22 - Bottom left.jpg
126 Ottawa circa 2006
Glass being replaced on facade of 126.jpg
126 Ottawa circa 2006
top of penn plaza in progress 1.jpg
126 Ottawa 7th Floor Penthouse Addition circa 2006/2007

120 Ottawa Ave NW (Pen Club Building) Photos

1884 original building_edited.jpg
Original 1884 Building 
Pen Club 1920.png
Pen Club Building 1920s
Pen Club Building 1960s
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